Laboratory Automation System

Central Clinical Service Building 2


@@The mission of the Department of Clinical Laboratory (DCL) is to provide accurate clinical laboratory data that serve as the basis for diagnoses to maintain the high quality of medical services at the University Hospital. Being accredited under ISO 15189 “Medical laboratories - Particular requirements for quality and competence” as of January 19,2007, the DCL aims to continue providing high-quality services as a clinical test lab and contributing to the standardization and sharing of test data on a global basis through this management system. The Department of Clinical Laboratory Medicine of the graduate school of medicine (DCLM) keeps cooperative relationship with DCL and conducts research that innovate new test methods, allowing doctors to provide state-of-the-art medical treatment. We, DCLM and DCL,@also provide training programs that help researchers acquire expertise, allowing them to contribute to the development of laboratory medicine for the future. 

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