Scholary Achievements(業績)

English Original Articles(英文原著論文)

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English Review Articles(英文総説)

  1. Nakao,T., Morita, H. Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid and Coronary Ather
    osclerotic Plaques. Int. Heart J. 58: 837-839, 2017.

International Conference Presentation(国際学会発表)

  1. Daikoku, T. and Yumoto, M. Right hemisphere dominance in concurrent statistical learning of attended and ignored auditory sequences. Biomagnetic Sendai 2017. 2017. 5. 22-24. Sendai, Japan.
  2. Daikoku, T., Okano, T., and Yumoto, M. Relative difficulty of auditory statistical learning based on tone transition diversity modulates chunk length in the learning strategy. Biomagnetic Sendai 2017. 2017. 5. 22-24. Sendai, Japan.
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Japanese Original Articles(和文原著論文)

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Japanese Review Articles(和文総説)

  1. 朝倉 英策,高橋 芳右,内山 俊正,江口 豊,岡本 好司,川杉 和夫,小林 隆夫,瀧 正志,辻仲 利政,松下 正,松野 一彦,窓岩 清治,矢冨 裕,和田 英夫,DIC診断基準作成委員会,日本血栓止血学会学術標準化委員会DIC部会.日本血栓止血学会 DIC診断基準 2017年版.日本血栓止血学会誌 28:369-391,2017.
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Japanese Book Chapter(和文著書)

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Domestic Conference Presentation(国内学会発表)

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